UIPL – Association of Innovative Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Bosnia and Herzegovina as a member of the EFPIA, adopted the first Code of Conduct of Inovative Pharamaceutical Companies in 2016. 

According to the changes in the industry, at the general Assembly held on March 30, 2023 UIPL once again, harmonized the Code with all the new and most important provisions of the EFPIA Code of Conduct.

The new amendments to the Code refer to issues and stricter rules regarding the organization of conferences, symposiums, workshops and possible recognized costs and provisions for hospitality. Then on the ban on giving, offering or promising gifts to healthcare workers, i.e. on the regulation of giving donations exclusively to healthcare organizations and never to natural persons and only for educational, health or research purposes in written form with the obligation to keep documentation related to the work performed, without there being an obligation to the counter service of a healthcare organization.

All coordinated changes to the Code, i.e. increased control measures and the introduction of sanctions for established violations of the Code, are primarily aimed at strengthening trust in the industry and greater transparency, as well as better cooperation with the health sector.

Code of Conduct of Inovative Pharamaceutical Companies for 2023. is the link below.

UIPL Kodeks – Code od conduct 2023